If my product assists people and makes their lives easier, it’s the greatest thing I could achieve as a designer – Prakhar Neel Sharma

I was impressed by the works of Prakhar Neel Sharma and wanted to feature his interview. Read on.

Prakhar, give an intro about yourself

Hello, I am Prakhar Neel Sharma. I am from Dhar, MP, India. I have been working as a designer for the past 8 years. I started my journey as a Graphic Designer and slowly moved to the digital dimension because of the excitement that I have for the digital screens. Apart from designing, I enjoy swimming, computer games and watching old movies.

How did you begin your career in design?

So this is interesting. I never thought that I could be a designer or something like this even existed back in 2012-13. But I tried many different jobs before switching to design. Because in my studies, I was a below-average student. So I already was not having any hopes with myself to pass any hotshot entrance exams or get admission in even moderate colleges. So whatever came in the way, I did with fun and enjoyment. I pursued BCOM from MB Khalsa College, Indore, and I also started working to meet my expenses to reside in Indore.

Most people don’t know, but I tried many jobs like learning mobile hardware, BPO, etc. And I tried all the jobs with the thinking that I would quit it as soon as I started feeling bored. And out of these jobs, designing is one that I am fortunately never tired of or bored. And this is where my journey as a designer begins. And I am very blessed to have a career that I enjoy working on every single day.

Tell us about the principles you keep in while doing a UX Design

User experience design is the process design teams use for making meaningful experiences and solve real-world problems. UX is what makes the website, mobile app, mobile games, etc easy to use and interact with. Although there are many principles to be taken care of while working but I would like to share 5 principles:

a. User Engagement.


c.Content focus.

d. Accessibility and

e. User research and testing

Although there are many other things to take care of but these are fundamental principles for UX design one should follow to make meaningful experiences for the users.

Medicure Product UX Design

Share your experiences working on a couple of key projects you did in the past

I worked on Hellobetter this year, and I enjoyed working in the e-mental health space. It’s new and challenging as well and provides me good learning opportunity. Hellobetter allows me to explore a completely new domain and to work creating a solution for people who are in help for mental health-related problems.

As a designer, if my product assists people who are dealing with these issues and makes their lives easier, it’s the greatest thing I could do as a designer. Apart from it, I am currently working as design director for Riad (A social platform)

Video: Airtm dashboard interactive journey

How can someone reach you?

I am sharing links to my profiles, where anyone can reach me :

1. Behance

2. Dribbble 

3. Medium


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